The way a woman is treated by a man deeply impacts how she sees herself.

An absent father can make her believe she is not worth having a relationship with.

Assault can make her believe that a guy only wants her for one thing.

Relationship violence teaches her to keep her opinions to herself.

Harassment chips away at her power. 

It's time we know our value.  It's time we own our power. Then, we can share our hope with others.

Oc3an.ca was created out of a desire to see my daughter (Cailyn Ocean) know her worth and own her power. Because of all the trauma in my life, I did not set a good example of how men should treat her.  

However, because of that same trauma, I have learned a lot about my value and what it means to be confident in who I am as a woman.  It has also given me a desire to share the hope I found on my journey by educating women and girls to know their worth and own their power. 

My mission is to empower us, as women and girls, to be our true selves, walk in confidence, stand up in our freedom, and pass on what we learn to others.